Australia's Dangerous Creatures for Dummies

Australia’s Dangerous Creatures for Dummies
With Peg Gill
First published 2008

Australia's Dangerous Creatures For Dummies provides a fascinating portrait of unique and deadly animals down-under -- including crocodiles, snakes, sharks, spiders and jellyfish. With a detailed description of each creature, its habitat and its typical behaviour, the authors also give you tips on observing them safely -- and what to do if you can't!
Discover how to:
  • Survive in crocodile country
  • Avoid a snake bite
  • Identify deadly sea creatures
  • Spot spiders around the home
  • Treat bites, stings and other injuries
  • Observe creatures safely in the wild

Some safe places to see Australian wildlife

New South Wales
Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Northern Territory
Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs

Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast
ReefHQ, Townsville
Sea World, Gold Coast
Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas

South Australia
Adelaide Zoo, South Australia



Western Australia

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