Tuesday 25 September 2012

Does the right glass make a difference?

Choosing the right glass CAN add to the flavour and enjoyment of wine. Some glasses are best suited to reds, while others are best suited to whites or sparkling wines.

The best glasses for red wine have a broad base. This leaves a large surface area of the wine in contact with the air, which heightens the sensation of the wine's aromas.

White wine glasses are generally smaller and narrower. They direct the wine to the centre of the tongue, diminishing the acidic flavours that are tasted at the sides of the tongue.

Sparkling wine glasses generally have a narrow mouth to allow the bubbles to escape into the air less slowly. Like still white wine glasses, they direct the wine towards the centre of the tongue.

If your wine has been served at the correct temperature, don't hold your glass by the bowl. Place your fingers around the stem so that your body temperature doesn't change the serving temperature of the wine.

Of course, it's not quite that simple. Some glass manufacturers make a specific glass for specific grape varieties. Each glass has characteristics that bring out the best aromas and the best flavours of the variety.

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